April Writing Challenge- Day 30: My Highs and Lows For this Month

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Wow, I can’t believe this #writing challenge has come to an end. Thinking back to March 30th, I was like should I do this because I would have to write something for thirty days straight. And, drum roll please…(makes drumming sound)… I have gotten to Day 30. Yay! And I have done this with another blogger- Baby Butterflies and Coffee. Please do check out her posts if you haven’t done so. She’s amazing. It was fun doing this challenge with her and I thank her a lot for doing this with me.

Now, today’s writing challenge is to write about my highs and lows for this month. I want to talk about the highs first.

One of my highs for this month was talking about what makes me really happy. It was day one and it felt good talking about something positive and putting me in a good mood. Another was listing the five places I want to visit because though being in quarantine like everyone else, it didn’t hurt having to talk about places I dream of visiting one day. While doing the challenge, Day 5, I had taken the liberty to study more about those places mainly to give myself something to do and to educate myself.

During this month, I had come across some movies and shows I’ve never seen and re-watched the ones I have seen at least more than once. I probably have seen tens of movies this month and it felt good to chill out with housemates and kick back just watching movies. There were times I had watched some films and shows by myself and it okay with me. Then there was the music that helped me get through certain  moments I had whether it was good or bad. Music tends to have that effect that it can turn a cloudy day into a day that of sunshine. It is great therapy.

Another high I had was me getting high, just kidding, but having spent some time with myself and getting to know who I am and what I am, my likes and dislikes, I’ll have to say it was quite interesting. And that how I felt when I wrote the 30 facts about me. It’s something about sharing tidbits of information about yourself because you try not to come off too weird or crazy, or something else. Then I told myself, that all that I am it is better that I will be myself and hope that you guys would understand. I have learned that if you can’t be yourself around people then you have to be around those who can. And that is what I had applied in real life. Believe me when I say in this cyberworld, there are people I know in real life and I can’t be myself with them in cyberworld or real world.

The lows I had was having to write about my past and would sit for hours debating whether I should write about it or not.  Anything so distressing to talk about is going to be hard when it’s about the past. But I am glad that I did. As I was able to open up, I was able to peel away each layer of the past with ease. It wasn’t easy at first to open up and I suppose that is why I’m glad that I’ve been going to counseling in which I have been doing so for a year and a half now.

The lows haven’t really been the kinds of lows that would normally make me want to break out in fits of rage and cry. No, this time, I allow myself to go through and absorb what was going on so I can go through the process of the happenings so it can be processed well. I’m happy that I am doing better than I had before.

Any other lows I had will be okay and will work itself out. Anything that we all go through is for a reason and we shouldn’t beat ourselves up and just learn from it. I know not that it is okay if I don’t know all the answers and it’s okay to think back to the past. When thinking back to the past, now, it is more on the lines of learning and healing so I can grow and be the best version of myself.

The past thirty days have taught me a lot and it hasn’t quite been a crazy roller coaster ride, but I am thankful I have gone through it all.

Thank you all for rocking with me for these thirty days and any other days before. I am grateful and thankful you have taken the time out to read my blog posts and getting to know the woman behind this blog. I have some catching  up to do in reading your posts. Thanks again.

Much love,


This concludes the 30 Days Writing Challenge. Be safe and well. Enjoy yourself and know that someone cares about you. Take care.

P.S. Why do this sounds like a farewell. I’m going to be posting something else soon, just don’t know when yet. Trust you will see me and my posts again sometimes soon.


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April Writing Challenge- Day 29: My Goals For the Next 30 Days

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This has been a long month, but fun and interesting. Fun because of this writing challenge and sharing and connecting with you all. I can’t tell you how many times I had to woosa my way through most of these challenges. And we have one more day to go.

Today’s writing challenge is about my goals for the next 30 days. Honestly, I haven’t really thought about making any goals to achieve or to just get started on yet. All I do know for the next thirty days, I plan on continue to work in the best way I can from home and to try not to go stir-crazy with any Okay, with the stir-crazy part, I will do my best to continue to find ways to keep my mind busy with things to do and to take time out for myself to do the things I love doing. Meditation helps a lot and I need to get back to doing yoga again while I am in the house. I would have to find the space to do so.

I would like to get back to my novel writing and at least do a read through since I had rewritten it several times, and made other edits dozens and dozens of times. My completed novel is just sitting away wondering if I’m ever coming back to do something with it, and I want to read it again since I haven’t done so in a little over a year.

Other goals aren’t something I had put into action yet and some are just stored away in a filing cabinet in my brain ready for me to sort through them. Though, I do want to read more and write out a list of things to accomplish for this year or going-into-next year. A few years ago, I had written out a list of things I would like to do like for instance: investing in myself, supporting others more, etc. I haven’t gotten around to most of what was on my list, and instead of starting with a brand new list, I’ll just revise what I already have and crossed out what I already did on the list. The thing about setting goals I have come to understand is that it must be realistic and to take it one step at a time.  I’ve read somewhere that it is important to have S.M.A.R.T. goals, which stand for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time-based. When I list my goals, I sometimes go back and re-read what each letter of this acronym means and then check my goals again.

The personal goals I want to work on are:

  • to stop procrastinating
  • have more confidence in myself
  • be more proactive
  • stop dwelling on the past
  • work on healing
  • to not be afraid of love, because I’ve been hurt too often, and to open my heart to give and receive
  • manage my stress
  • work on eating healthy more and to exercise
  • etc.

With these goals listed above and those I haven’t mentioned, I don’t plan on achieving all of them in one month, but I at least want to get started on doing something.

How about you? Are you setting goals? If not, is it something you plan on doing? And if so, would you like to share your goals with us?

Thank you for reading, and stay tuned for Day 30.

April Writing Challenge- Day 27: What’s Kicking Butt Right Now

Image by Mohamed Nuzrath from Pixabay


Good morning/afternoon everyone! I hope your weekend went well and you’ve done something that made you happy and relaxing, and what have you. Today’s writing challenge is about what’s kicking butt right now. Well, the term that is used below is “something that is kicking ass right now,” just to be correct.

The thing is, right now, there isn’t anything I can think of that is kicking ass/butt right now. I wish a lot of things was different before this pandemic, but like I’ve mentioned before, my life now isn’t all that different before the pandemic. I just like doing things on my own terms.

I know there are things that are happening that may seem like its kicking butt, though it may be like giving it power to control us how we think about it and how we deal with it. Yes, some things are out of our control, but we can choose how we deal with it. Life has really been kicking my butt for sure for however long now. Let’s not think about the number right now, okay?

Sometimes kicking butt can be a good thing (depends on what’s happening in most cases) because it makes her stronger. When we get a swift kick in the rear end, we fall down but we get right back up again. I used to get very angry whenever I try to do something and then it all goes wrong. I wouldn’t handle it well and would sometimes lash out. I’m doing a lot better now than I ever had, and I am proud of myself.

In other ways of kicking butt is when are doing so- no, no, not kicking somebody’s ass/butt even though some need it. I’m talking about when you have accomplished something that is long-coming and a remarkable thing beating the odds of what you thought you couldn’t do. And then you look back at how far you come and can finally breathe from all the hard work you put into the long process.

I don’t want to make this too long, so I just want to leave you all with this:

In all that you do, whatever you do, get started as soon as you can, and kick-ass!

Thank you guys for reading and stay tuned for Day 28.




April Writing Challenge- Day 26: An Area In My Life I Would Like To Improve

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

The thing about life is we all got something coming and going, and something we want to improve on. The #writing challenge today is about an area in my life I want to improve. There are so many areas I would like to work on, though one in particular is work/financial because as of lately I haven’t found anything stable and long-term. This has been the issue for me for a while now especially coming out of being unemployed for years. For the last several months, jobs seem to come and go, and there was always some type of problem.

I want to improve in this area so I can make sure I have a stable job (not counting the side job) and a steady income coming in. I want to be and remain financially independent and not have to worry about food, bills paid, etc. I am glad I was able to contribute to charities and programs near and far, but I am constantly working on in attempts of trying to better myself  in the work/finance area.

I know the challenge said to choose an area, but there is another major area I want to improve and that is my health. I know it’s no excuse, but there are days I don’t feel like exercising. Doing yoga isn’t the same as exercising I’ve heard, but I had taken it in baby steps when it comes to exercise. A year and a half ago, I would walk nearly ten miles in the morning for five days every week until I stopped in the fourth month. I was getting frustrated with walking, doing sit-ups, and other exercises I attempted to do just to find out I only lost inches and maybe two pounds if that. 

Still, it’s an area I NEED to improve because from battling migraines and high blood pressure, it’s a must. When I told my doctor how could I have HBP when I don’t eat much sodium to have that, she looked into other areas of what could be a problem. I had to cut out processed food, pizzas and such. But the main reason is stress. I don’t know when exactly my blood pressure became high that I have to be put on medication, but all I know is that since meeting my child’s father and raising her, my stress levels was so high that I was rushed to the emergency room. That were back in 2013, but as the years went by, I went from taking two different types of HBP pills with one I was taken twice a day, and the other was taken three times a day along with prescription pain med for migraines which was taken once a day. Now I only take one type of HBP pills twice a day. I still have migraines and I am working on my stress levels.

It’s a serious thing that you can eat right and exercise, but you have to remember that stress is a major factor as well. When I lost a lot of inches of my hair three years ago, I cried so much because I had just got it back growing. I can remember looking in the mirror brushing my hair in 2017 and smiling how long my hair was growing. It was reaching the middle of my back and I was relieved. Then one thing after another kept happening that by the time I was trying to deal with one thing, something else was happening. I was having panic attacks and then half-way through the year, I screamed when my hair went from middle back to at my ears. Since then, my hair is growing but not at the length it was before.

I have learned that I have to put my health first and to get rid of any unnecessary stress and toxic people and situations in my life. It is true that if you don’t have your health, then you don’t have much of anything at all. I had to learn that my health comes first. Not people and problems. 

You see, my health and finances are the two major areas I need and must improve, and in that order. I have to do what makes me happy and understand that if there is something or someone who is bringing me down and toxic, then they must be drop. I have to do this for myself and to keep going on.

With everything I plan on improving, I constantly think about being successful at because I had things to fail that I become almost obsessed with being successful what I do. I have gotten started on working toward these improvements, and I have ways to go.

What areas in your life would you like to improve?

Thank you for reading. 

Stay tuned for Day 27.



April Writing Challenge- Day 25: A Balance Of Truth

Photo courtesy by: Google Images

There have been times when I would get so amazed by something that may not seem like anything to anyone, but it holds so much meaning to me. Gazing at the sunrise and sunrise stop me in my tracks as I admired its beauty. It’s so magical being hypnotized by such grandeur. Its only truth is that every day you are alive you will get to see it.

It’s something about the word truth that most people would run away from it. Or, to knowledge how true somethingcan be. It is said that if you speak the truth it shall set you free. I believe with some truths it will set you free, so you can fly away from others.

The writing challenge for today is to think of a word and search it in Google Image and write something inspiring about the 11th image. The image above is the 11th image and when I saw it, I had to recount to make sure it was indeed the eleventh image. It wouldn’t be my choice if I had to pick it on my own, but as I studied it, I realized it was appropriate for today’s challenge. It’s a scale with a person using a magnifying glass holding it up to the word “truth” as it is expanded.

The challenge is to write something inspiring from the image and the way my week went I could use some inspiration. I hope I could do the image some justice. Here goes:

When the truth is magnified, we must understand the purpose behind what we don’t know. When we avoid the truth, it weakens the balance of what we perceive the truth to be and what we perceive to be a lie. Or something unknown in between. The universal experience we can share should not make us want to hide away our true selves because the lie is better than the truth.

Why is a lie better? Most people are afraid and most don’t care. Though, we must be true to ourselves and not give in to the masses who believe that if they lie long enough and often that others will believe them, and in. most cases, wholeheartedly. We must hold steadfast to what we believe in, what we work so hard for, and not give up. And not give in.

Life IS better when everyone is honest and respectful and caring with love in the heart. But, the real world isn’t known to be that way and still, we must know that sometimes it is best not to say anything. And yet, being silent is the same as saying something. So what then?

It is hard. Hard because of everything that is happening and what had happened in yesteryears, we don’t know if we are being lied to or being told the truth. We have to get the understanding for ourselves and not jump so quickly on the bandwagon to what was spoken into our ears. We have to ask ourselves if what we are being told is the truth. We must feel it in our spirit and if our spirit doesn’t feel right, then we just simply cannot be agreeable to what is being said. From anyone. In all situations.

Nevertheless, with each other, the truth should be bonafide. The truth should be balance. It can be simple or difficult. The choice is yours to make.

“This is a difficult balance, telling the truth: how much to share, how much to keep, which truths will wound but not ruin, which will cut too deep to heal.”
Ally Condie

See the truth in everything.
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Do you believe there should be a balance where the truth is concerned? How do you perceive the truth?

Stay safe and be blessed. Do great things and may you all have positivity and happiness in your days.

Thank you all for reading.