Reblog: Writing Challenge (Day 4) Ten Facts To Know About Me

A blast from the past! 😊 Here’s ten little facts about the type of person I am that I could safely say, back in 2015 when I participated in a 30-day writing challenge. I’m thinking about reposting some posts, since I’m going to be super busy. I’m starting a new job next week. Yay!
Hope everyone is doing well! Take care. ❤

K. Phoenix

Here’s Day 4 of this writing challenge. I have to admit I was a bit shaken up, but yet again, I’m to expose myself. No fear. Taking on this challenge seems similar to what I’ve recently done here on WordPress.

On with the show.

Ten Facts About Me:

  1. I had always wanted to be a ballerina. Ballet has always been my go-to choice since age four. I would stand on my tippy toes and twirled around; without ballet shoes I might add. My parents didn’t have money to pay for lessons, yet, that didn’t stopped me. I trained myself by watching ballet on television. I’ve put together my own tutu from scraps on my very first sewing machine I received for Christmas at age 10. I never did became a ballerina like I wanted. 
  2. I love horror movies. Yeah, I do. I was once called creepy because of my crazed love for horror. I will choose it over romance…

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Three-Day Opening Sentence Challenge (Day 3)

Lastly, Day 3 of opening sentence fiction story challenge. Sometimes starting a sentence can be a difficult thing, but you have to keep working at it. Has anyone ever had this problem before?

Kevin watches in awe as his beloved ambles toward him with love in his eyes; he has waited this day since they were high school sweethearts.

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Pamela E. Hester ©2017


Three-Day Opening Sentence Challenge (Day 2)

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Day 2 opening line challenge.

She rolls over, diverting her eyes about the room, and wonder how the heck she got here; she had only asked the guy for directions last night.

Pamela E. Hester ©2017


Three-Day Opening Sentence Challenge (Day 1)

For three days, I am doing a three-day opening sentence story challenge. I want to see how well I can do with opening lines. (Recently, it has been a struggle with other works.) I will pick a picture, any picture, and come up with one sentence to go along with what’s happening in the picture. It’s been…um, fun. 😊

In the near future, I may write a short story to further the story.

How are your stories coming along?

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Jacob drove home astounded at what had recently taken place at work as he pondered his challenging agenda for tomorrow; he was ill-prepared.


Pamela E. Hester ©2017


Getting Started #NaNoWriMo #AmWriting 

So, I have decided at  the last minute to go ahead and signed up for the writing challenge, event, or whatever my racing mind is telling me.

Oh, I’ve been busy lately and I apologize if I haven’t visited your blog like I should. Though, I may not post much for this November month, but I will check out your posts every now and then. Please bare with me. I also have books to catch up on to read. Can’t wait to start reading them soon. 

Most of you already know what NaNoWriMo is. For others, it is a writing event where you write a novel in 30 days with the goal is to have 50,000 words by the end of the month of November.

30 days?! Yes. indeed. I had avoided it last time because I had just finished a writing challenge called, Mary B. Morisson’s Write A Novel In 90 Days. I had finished the challenge, mind you, and find myself editing, editing editing. It was a rewrite for Secrets Unveil. I’m afraid to let it go. Like a mother sending her child off into the cruel, mean world. (Sniff, sniff.) 

For this challenge, I’m writing the sequel to my novel. Since this is my first for NaNoWriMo, I’m not sure what to expect. I’m proceeding with caution. For the 90-day challenge, I had outlined chapter by chapter on index cards, and done necessary research and wrote them down on notebook paper. In future posts, I will share my journey with you and upload anything I’ll like to share.

My characters, Paris and Trenton, are such loving  and complex characters. I’m not sure what rabbit hole or hell they will take me. I have a love/hate relationship with them and believe they have succeeded in double-teaming me. lol.

Man, oh man, can  I do this? I asked myself. I’m already a procrastinator, but this challenge just may discipline me. You can add me as a buddy- my username is Kphoenix1.

That’s all for today. Who else have joined? Have you done it before, if so, what are your thoughts about it?

***This week’s posts are pre-scheduled.