April Writing Challenge- Day 18: Thirty Facts About Me

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Hi, lovelies! How have your days (and nights) been treating you? I hope all is well and you are taking care of yourself and family the best you know how to do. I hate what is happening and I am trying my best not to let it get the best of me by finding other things to occupied my time when I am not working. I pray you are doing whatever you can as well.

Today’s writing challenge is about the facts. Facts about me that is. When I saw the challenge for today a few days ago, I was a bit nervous because I didn’t know what to share about myself and what not to. Then I was like, “hell, I had already mentioned some things about my childhood so I might as well prepare for the 30 facts I’m to mention.” And here we are.

  1. I have never been outside of my country which is the USA. Yep. I have never been to any other country. I haven’t been as far north than Virginia which is still consider the south. (I’m from South Carolina.) I haven’t been far west than Georgia. South of me, I have been to Jacksonville, Florida where my dad is from. And I have briefly been to Tampa. I want to visit Orlando because of Walt Disney World. What? Don’t judge me.
  2. I am an introvert. You may already know that. I like being by myself too much sometimes. I guess I have been around too many liars, schemers, cheaters, people who aggravate my nerves, etc. that I have taken a liking to my own company. I like to people-watch, more like a habit. Being around most people drain me. Sometimes I don’t like talking much either, and I’m claustrophobic.
  3. Spirituality isn’t something I chose, it has chosen me, and began to love it and learn it. Since I was a little girl, I would get these dreams and visions that would come to me, and then it would happen in real life. I don’t know why that is, it just is. Like for most people who have the gift or knack of tarot reading, various divination, psychic, psychic mediums, spiritual readers, and/or others that fit in that category, it is something that was given from God and the Universe. And you can use it or lose it. And some spiritual gifts are just with you and can get stronger as you get older. When you tap into it and start “working” on yourself and strengthen it, you have to study it and do these other things…it’s a post for another time. And yes, I know there are scammers and fakers out there, but I’m talking about the real deal people.
  4. I love creative arts as a whole. Besides writing, from whenever I have started, I used to draw. I would illustrate my drawings in the books I would write. I believe this was back when I was in the fourth grade. I am also a phenomenal dancer, but I never went out to go dancing somewhere like a club. Sewing is also something that I love doing. I plan on buying my first sewing machine this year, hopefully, and get some fabrics and such to get started making some stuff.
  5. I’m into the supernatural and paranormal worlds. Some things are true and real and some are far-fetched. First let me say, I don’t believe werewolves are real, but I love seeing them on television for my entertainment. Witches are real people. Vampires aren’t real to me. Though there are people I have researched who called themselves modern-day vampires. They tend to get too heavy into the practice or whatever they call it. Ghosts/spirits are real and I know that first-hand and no one can tell me otherwise, to each his own. I don’t just watch the shows and movies and read the novels, in real-life the worlds are very much real. For sure, some people will create hoaxes and will go out of their way to fool others. That’s why you have to have the ability of discernment to know what is real and what’s not. I’m also the type of person who likes getting the facts first unless I have already know what the deal is already.
  6. I am short. Yeah, my daughter is in the fifth grade and she is 5’4″ which makes her taller than me. Almost everyone I know is taller than me. I am above five feet though.
  7. I have sensitivity issues. I’m not talking about sensitive feelings. I have sensitive eyes, skin, hair, stomach, like dang. Yeah, I am working on taking care of those issues, because it can get expensive trying to find the right products for your skin that won’t break you out or cause issues with your hair. Sunlight and most other light hurt my eyes and I haven’t gotten around to getting the glasses that will protect my eyes from them.
  8. I hate the dark. I still sleep with a nightlight.
  9. I don’t care for most sports. If it’s boxing, then I will watch it.
  10. I am the oldest child out of four.
  11. I have addictions. I am addicted to being the best version of myself, thinking about the future, worrying about getting older, books, and music, and other things I don’t feel like mentioning.
  12. I have a habit of saying the word “seriously.” I don’t know why it just something I seriously do.
  13. During my first year of high school, I had gotten into trouble a lot. I had ended up following the wrong crowd, cutting class, and doing other things.
  14. If I would to pick a decade to be an adult in, it would be the ’80s. I was born during that time, but I sometimes wonder what it would be like to be an adult in the ’80 instead of a baby. I love the decade because of the music. It was the punk-rock era and I love rock music. The hair and style of the ’80s look weird at times, but it looks cool.
  15. I can’t swim. Yep, I can not swim, but I love the water though. I love visiting the ocean because of how serene and magical it is, especially when there aren’t many people there.
  16. If I can go back in time and change something, well, there would be a lot I would change. The world isn’t great nor perfect, but I may not change anything because what you do to in the past could alter the future. Still, I wish to go back in time and change a few things, though.
  17. If I could go 24 hours without doing something it would probably be sex. Lol. I said sex because I wanted to catch your eye. It was something I used to write about on my blog, and I believe it made some people uncomfortable. It was clean and more on the lines of romance and relationships, and education-type thing. Seriously, what I could live without is social media/news, anything of that nature. It’s something I could cleanse myself from, and do without for a while.
  18. My favorite ice cream is chocolate chip cookie dough.
  19. I am a weird person. Yeah, I have accepted the fact that I am weird. I’ll tell you another time why I am.
  20. What catches and will make me pause about a person’s face is their eyes. I love looking at a person’s eyes. I try not to let anyone see me gazing at their eyes. There are many reasons why, and talking about it needs its own post.
  21. My alcoholic drink of choice is vodka and wine. I don’t like beer unless it’s a Corona, and I dislike rum, gin, brandy, etc.
  22. I mostly listen to jazz music and old-school R&B. Slow jazz is my absolute favorite because it’s relaxing and set the tone. I love other music like, reggae, calypso, old school hip-hop, Pop, R&B in general, dance-hall, folk music, and others.
  23. I hate popping noises. When I was a kid, my cousins used to scare me by popping balloons right by my ear. Since then, I can’t stand the noise.
  24. I stopped drinking sodas four years ago. It was for health reasons.
  25. I am a neat freak and perfectionist.
  26. Guys that talk about their past a lot like past relationships really gets on my nerves. I have had a few who had talked me to death about their past relationships. It’s draining and it’s a no-no. It’s disrespectful to want to date someone or is dating someone and you constantly yapping about an ex or two. It is also annoying. I would hear about the first time to find out what I am dealing with, but I don’t like it when they keep doing that. You have to teach people how to treat you.
  27. I don’t smoke. I never tried it and never care to do so.
  28. I have been called nerdy. Not because I look like one because I wear glasses. I just like sci-fi stuff. Most science isn’t fiction or made-up. I love science and believe sci-fi should be called sci-fa for science fact. Studying quantum physics is a must for me. I don’t know a lot about it, so I want to study what I don’t know or don’t much about. Other things qualifies me as a nerd too, I suppose.
  29. I love astrology. I like to study the stars, planets and the entire galaxy. I have downloaded Google Earth on my laptop and have called myself studying the planets that were on there. It may be a few years out-dated, but I had fun looking around on Earth, zooming into the sky and seeing the many planets, stars and such. I have even found the star for Aries. I have visited the Moon and Mars on Google Earth. It’s quite something. I just wished I had better technology. I want to own a telescope one day.
  30. I have a clear vision for my future. I don’t mean that spiritually. I don’t like planning anything too much because if it doesn’t go to plan, I will get disappointed. I know what I want to do with my life for the next so years, but you know life. It always got a way of doing things that you may not agree with. I know what I want career wise and how I want my life to go. I wish to make the money I want to make and have love find me. And I’m talking about unconditional love, real and true. I have other plans for my future.

This is it for the facts about me. I hope you all have enjoyed reading about and getting to know me. That wasn’t even all. Thank you for doing that. I hope to get to know more about you as well soon. I hope you have a joyous and blessed day.

Stay safe and protected. Chat with you soon. Muah!

Stay tuned for Day 18.

April Writing Challenge- Day 17: My Zodiac Sign And Whether It Fits Me Or Not

It’s something about knowing someone’s zodiac sign and whether or not it fit them. Well, today’s challenge is about #writing about my zodiac sign and whether it fits me or doesn’t fit me. My zodiac sign is Aries. Most of you may already know that because my birthday was on April 3rd. Before I get to typing away about my sign, Happy belated Birthday to my fellow Arians and Happy Birthday to the ones whose birthday is today and the next few days to come. Yay!

Image by Peter Lomas from Pixabay

Aries are people who from my understanding are determined, courageous and passionate about a lot of things. I only know several Aries in my life and there are times when I can accurately identify another person’s zodiac sign by paying attention to the way they talk, how they use their words and the way they carry themselves. Unfortunately, I cannot do that with all signs, but the majority of times if I guess that a person is an Aries without looking for tell-tale clues like they had mentioned it on a previous post, someone said it, their dedication to the sign like going too far and beyond when they talk about an Aries, I turned out to be right.

jill scott GIF
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Not all Aries I know I like because there are a few that irks me like the little girl who used to like making trouble for my daughter. I have never known an Aries who are big bullies so that girl had some mess with her. Some Aries from personal experiences are far out there. I am in a Facebook group for Aries and there are people from all over the world of different ages, races, and background and they are crazy cool, and some are crazy crazy. Most of the time when I see the posts some posts, either it some kind of weird or too sexual. Like come on, many occasions we had to tell them that Aries are more than sexual beings and should stop posting too many sexual memes and images. I’m like, what moderator allowing those posts too go through, it must have been a man.

It said from Horoscope that Aries likes adventure, falls in love easily (or sometimes easily for most), loves energy- the physical and spiritual kind. They also like being independent. Okay, that’s my interpretation.

Aries are known to dislike anyone who slows them down, they are impatient always want things and people to speed up, moodiness, and short-tempered are a few of the not-so-good qualities they have.

Now, I am to say whether these qualities fit me because not all people have the positive and negative they possessed for the sign that they are. Yes, I am impatient. I can’t tell you how many times I had to hurry someone up because I had gotten tired of waiting. I am not all about myself, or as they said putting myself first. I don’t put myself first and that’s the problem I have.

Aries are known to tell it like it is and speaks the truth, sometimes a little too much. Sometimes I am like that, but other times I refrain from telling the truth and speaking my mind too often because some people can’t handle it. They got that “I can dish it but can’t take it” syndrome. Please let’s pray for them.

I do love the color red. It’s my first favorite color. It is said from Astrology that Aries women are extremely passionate and sexual, and I believe that is true, but extremely, though? I don’t know about to the extreme for me but I used to wear my heart on my sleeve until I thought to burn the sleeve. Luckily my heart was unharmed in the process and it safely put away in a locked…um… box.

I do like taking control sometimes and will give others the chance to go first, but don’t have me waiting for too long. I like being able to speak and do what I like and want to do freely. I don’t like it when a person is trying to date me and give attention away to another female species when it should be for me. Like ” Yo, over here, or get the freaking moving or else.” Sometimes Aries don’t say what we will do, we just do it, and you may be caught feeling dumbfounded of what happened. We can be difficult to deal with or easy to deal with, the choice is yours. And sometimes, if you think we are easy to deal with, we make it more interesting, because we don’t really like feeling like a butterfly caught in a net.

To know an Aries and to be around them and get to know them. We can be a little too much for some and our fiery nature can either burn most people up or warm them. Also, a person has more than one sign. There is a moon, rising and planetary sign. My moon sign is Taurus and my rising is Gemini. If you are into that kind of thing you can find out your planetary signs and all that good stuff from Cafe Astrology.

This is it before I stretch it out too long. I hope you all enjoy getting to know more about my Zodiac sign, Aries. If you want to check out another post I’ve written my zodiac sign for another challenge you can read the post here.

Do you agree with this post? Is there anything you would like to add, and are you an Aries and would like to chime in?

Disclaimer: The opinions I posted other than what is listed from the sites I included, are my own. Others may have a different opinion(s).

Stay tuned for Day 18.

April Writing Challenge- Day 4: The Inspirational Ones #AprilWritingChallenge

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Yesterday had come and gone and today arrive with a basket of chances for us to do whatever it is that we want to do and need to do. Though it is said that tomorrow isn’t promise but when it does come, it’s like a present from God to live to see another day so we can have the chance to live, to get things going, to just be.

Today’s challenge is writing about someone who inspires me. The thing is, there is more than one and I simply can not narrow it down to one. So, this is what I will do, I write about them as a whole.

Who inspires me are the people who are selfless and they make it their business to help those in need. They are kind, loving, caring, and wants the best for others.

The ones who inspire me are the ones who embrace their spirituality because it is a part of them. It’s part of nature and all of us. They have humility and embraced all aspects of Self. They practice self-awareness, and of the Universe and beyond.

The people who inspire me are writers, bloggers, vloggers, entrepreneurs. The ones who inspire others to be successful.

The ones who inspire me are the humanitarians, the visionaries, and the people who touched the hearts of those with the power of their words, the caring of their own heart, the love they emit, and the greatness in their being.

I admire people who come from different backgrounds and cultures; from all walks of life. The passion I see in people who go the extra mile and practice empathy, those that make a great impact and leave behind a legacy.

These people instill in me to go and be the best I can be. To not complain and just do something about what I can change. And if not, then it wasn’t meant to be and to know that it wasn’t my time.

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed this post. Who inspire you? Stay tuned for Day 5 as I write about the 5 places I want to visit. Take care.

April Writing Challenge- Day 1: What Makes Me Happy #AprilWritingChallenge

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Hmm. What makes me happy? Some things make me happy, but the challenge for today mentioned what makes me really happy. As I ponder this while listening to the television play in the background, I must say that the ten things that make me really happy in no particular order are:

  1. Being alive. Each day I thank God for allowing me to see another day. While thankful, I try to remind myself to be grateful and not get caught up in what I don’t have. And try to remember the blessings I do have and not get stress on the happenings in the world.
  2. My daughter. Though she does gets on my nerves sometimes, and sometimes gets beside herself, I love her lots. She challenges me whether she knows it or not. She is eleven now and God knows I am crying now and getting the strength to endure her teenage years that are coming.
  3. Writing. You guys already know that I hope. Writing brings power to words of what comes from the inside. It’s empowering, soul-inspiring and therapeutic. A quote that sticks out to me about it is:

    “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” by- Maya Angelou

    “Every secret of a writer’s soul, every experience of his life, every quality of his mind, is written large in his works.”  by- Virginia Woolf

  4. Your posts. I love reading your posts and getting to know more about you from what you all decide to share with everyone in your posts. I always find it to be a wonderful feeling reading what others write/type about from all walks of life and from around the world.
  5. Music/Dancing.  It’s no secret to how much I loooove music and dancing. However, there is one to me dancing to my heart’s content and in the midst of my…uh, exuberance, I nearly flipped over a table. Another occasion my daughter caught me dancing to a dance hall number.
    Music Video GIF
    Gif courtesy by/; pixabay.com

    Music fills me with joy and it is extremely therapeutic. No matter the mood I’m in, I tend to turn to it. During these times, and any other times, it is greatly needed. It is uplifting and decreases stress and increases happiness. Yay! So, you already know what dancing does. They cause you to have a baby. Okay, maybe not. But, I am sure it does for most. Hey! Anyway, dancing reduces stress and increases serotonin. It also improves the conditions of your heart and lungs. So as you see, music and dancing are vital to our health.

  6. Food. Yes, I love to eat. And, it makes it harder to lose weight, though I shouldn’t make any excuses.
  7. Adventure. Yes, I am an adventurous person. Over the last some odd years, I been in the house, not by choice. Now, I regret not being to get out of the house more now that this Covid-19/coronavirus pandemic is going on. I believe that getting out, though I am also not much of an outdoors-person, (yes I know, I’m weird), gives me a sense of enjoyment and not knowing but wanting to know the unknown. I am a curious person and would love to get back to the side of me again.
  8. Being me. There is something about being able to be yourself. There has been a time where I haven’t always have the ability to be me. So, whenever I am smiling and feeling good about thyself and whatever else, then people should just allow me to just be. I am not a good person in any way when I am not. I had family members that had me believing that being myself was like committing a crime. Whenever I would get too excited and wanted to just “spread my wings and fly,” they would give me this look like I shouldn’t do that and what is wrong with you, girl. It had taken a while for me to find myself and to learn who the hell I am. I don’t want to go back to that girl who was always afraid to talk, to act a certain way, and to just be. I am evolving and am practicing self-love. More on this subject another time.
  9. Being free. The definition of being free is- 1: the quality or state of being free: such as. a: the absence of necessity, coercion, or constraint in choice or action. b: liberation from slavery or restraint or from the power of another : independence. c: the quality or state of being exempt or released usually from something onerous freedom from care. This comes from the Merriam-Webster dictionary. The sense of not being bound to a place or person sends shots of carefree-ness coursing through my veins. I don’t want to get off into the other realms of being free even though I feel like sometimes I must put a filter on some subjects because I just may go too far into the deep waters. What I really would like to say, I will touch the subject in another post. One thing I would like to add- is one ever truly free?

    Photo courtesy by: pixabay.com
  10. Spirituality. Since I was a little girl, I have always wondered about life, the Earth, everything beyond the stars, the known and unknown, and that goes for the supernatural and paranormal. Spirituality has always been a part of me even when I didn’t know it. I won’t go too far into because I know most of my readers are not into that type of stuff, but I will brush the surface because I am forever educating myself. It makes me happy because I have grown into who and what I am meant to be and I am still growing. You can never learn too much. Since 2017, I have learned about meditation, chakras, tarot, what soul mates, karmic partners, and twin flames are all about. I feel jubilant to have opened my third eye into the realms into the Universe that I dare to go. I feel like do what feels comfortable to you, not what makes others feel comfortable. Then again, sometimes even we should be a little comfortable so we can assess why we are feeling the way we are feeling, and if this is okay or not to us. More on that later.

    Photo courtesy by: pixabay.com

I hope you have enjoyed and gotten to learn a little more about me. I hope to learn more about you guys as well.

Stay tuned for Day 2.

Stay well and blessed lovelies.