If It Doesn’t Kill You, It Gives You A New Chapter To Write About #Quote #tuesdaymotivation 

Hi everyone! I hope you all have been doing well. My apologies for not posting in the last few weeks. Something drastic had happened that I can’t say right now. Please know that since the hurricanes that came and hit, I’m doing okay and so is my daughter. I took the first two weeks of October away from blogging and a few social media sites to do some healing and getting myself together. And to stay positive and happy. I tried getting around to reading most of your blogs, and those I didn’t, I haven’t forgotten you.

With that being said, whatever it is that you are going through or had been through, you are still alive and well. You are strong and blessed. 

“What doesn’t kill us give us something new to write about.” Write it down. Sing. Dance. Do whatever gives you joy and comfort.

Have a wonderful week.


Pamela ❤


It’s As Close As We Can Get #writing #blogging

Writing is as close as we can get to keeping a hold on everything that means so much to us. Whether its writing fiction, nonfiction or writing a blog post, we tend to jot down our words before they vanish from our  idle minds. When I was a young girl, I would walked around with a notebook and pencil, looking for something to write about. When I do, I immediately started writing. For, if I didn’t, it would wither away and leave me devastated. From that point on, I write about everything that I can:

Write about phrases that grasp at your soul.

Write about the adventures you enjoyed or didn’t.

Write about childhood memories or recurring dreams you have.

You see, when we write, we tend to keep hold onto the many things that means so much to us. It’s the exact reason why we all write, correct? For if we don’t, it will slipped away like sand through our fingers.

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