The World We Live In, We Must Stay Strong 

We live in a world filled with confusion and hurt. Love and happiness. Pain and suffering. Light and healing. Though, with all the positive things we should give energy and passion to, the darkness has a way of rearing its ugly head, and steal the most precious things we hold near and dear to our hearts. It wants to grab onto the things that makes us human, turned them into a struggle just to live, and leave us feeling destitute.

We must remain strong and not get sucked into what is in the darkness. Love and light are there for us. And a life filled with blessings, abundance, joy, peace, comfort and safety.

Have a wonderful and blessed weekend! ❤


A Supernatural Dream #fiction #writing

Secret, Darkness, Nature, Tunnel, Tree

Her heart was quickening with each step she took as the men in black followed her in quick strides. She glanced back briefly and gasped when she saw they were only ten feet behind.

In the dark of the night with the crescent moon in a cloudless sky had cast shadows in front of her as her feet pounded against the dirt trails used for hiking. She got to keep going. Push herself to make it to the end of the trail. She refused to be taken back to a place she doesn’t belong to like the others. She wanted to go back home where she felt safe and secure.
The men were coming closer; only four feet of distance separated them from her. She ran faster with all her might. She has been running for what seems like an hour. She got to make it to the white truck where others like her were waiting.
She was getting close though. The light from one of the men’s flashlight reflected on the truck that was not so far away now.
“We won’t let you leave!” One of the men in black exclaimed. His voice was taunting like he knew for sure she won’t leave the compound.
She shook her head violently, determined to make it even if she had to fly her way to the others. But, she won’t give the men the satisfaction of seeing her use her powers. It would give them the ammunition to use it against her.
Just when she neared the white truck, she screamed when she felt a bony hand reaches out to grabbed hold of her shoulder. The sharp fingernails of the hand dug deep into the flesh.
“This is it. I almost had made it,” she murmured, laying in the grass with tears cascading down her cheeks and down to her neck.
“What didn’t you made yet, sweetie?” A calm and soothing voice said to her.
The young girl’s eyes jerked open and scanned her surroundings. She wasn’t in the woods running away from the men in black; the men who tried to snatched and turned her in just to run extensive tests on her.
She was safe in an all-white room laying on a full-size bed. Also in the room was a night table by the bed with a book about healing, a small window with a radiator heater underneath it, and a box-shaped television in a corner on top of a wooden table.
She threw her head back against the pillows. It had all been a dream. All a dream. She was in a safe haven for people with supernatural powers just like her. She laughs softly, but it was cut short. The woman who stared down at her with kind eyes said, “It was such a shame those men in black wanted to take you back. They would have made life hell for you, dear. Luckily, you were able to use one of your powers to save yourself.”
“What do you mean?” The young girl asked with a puzzled look. She sat up abruptly.
“If you didn’t use telepathy, the man and woman wouldn’t be able to drive up in the white truck to get you. Not only that, a supernatural ability you have that I can’t seem to fathom right one, was another power you had used.” She sighed. “Some of us aren’t so lucky. Some get captured. Well done, Phonecia! You are now safe.”
Phonecia threw her head back. So it really wasn’t a dream then, she thought.

Pamela Hester 2018


Nature Comforted His Mind, Body, and Soul #Spirituality #Writing #Poem 

“Nature comforted him- mind, body, and soul.” 

Have you took time out to just enjoy the beauty of nature, and all that it brings? 

It’s a wonderful feeling feel the warmth of the sun. The cool, gentle to mild breeze from the wind. The wet caresses of the rain on your skin. I try to make a habit of enjoying nature everyday and the weather. 



Happy Valentine’s Day! #happyvalentinesday #love

Today is the day of love, romance, and exchanging gifts. Although, for the latter, this special day means more than exchanging gifts. Valentine’s Day is the day to come together in peace and harmony, doing something special for someone, and for yourself. Don’t forget to do what takes to make you happy. Practice #selflove .
The day to share love and to celebrate it. And an act of kindness, if I might add. All of the above should be everyday.

I pray that everyone have a wonderful, loving, bless day. 

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!