The Expression of Our Love #Poetry

I will continue to express my love for you in many ways possible.

With words unspoken from our lips, the language of love is told with our eyes, touch, and spirit.

I can feel the soft caresses of your fingertips grazing my delicate, cinnamon skin as if you’re paying tribute to every inch of my body.

Your love is electrifying, true, and needed.

I will dedicate my life in proving how much I love you, as you love me.

A love that is selfless and real. 

An unconditional love that is swarming around us with throes of passion, warmth, and energy.

By:  Pamela E Hester ©2018

Discover All the Possibilities In Life #Poem

Happy Sunday, everyone! 🌞

I hope your weekend is going well. Today, I would like to leave with you a poem that really spoke to me. And, I hope that it speaks to you as well. Be blessed and stay safe.

Discover all the positive things
Life has in store for you
And move forward
To discover who you are
And fill your moments
Don’t sit down with negative thoughts
Or bow to negative circumstance
Decide your future
And don’t give up
Learn to stand up
To your ideas and dreams
And when you fall
Try to bounce back
Renew your spirit
And grab the moment
And prove your worth……

By: Seema Chowdhury

From: Poem Hunter

A Twin Flame Poetry #Love

Two souls. Spiritual twins. Twin flames. Mirrors. 

Two hearts beating as one, yet it feels like you have two hearts. 

A feeling of home.

A love so intense.

Self love. 


A wholeness.

Divine masculine.

Divine feminine.

A light that shines so bright, never dim.

Strength. Power. Energy.

Mind, body, soul, and spirit.

A feeling, a touch, a gaze, a taste, smell.


A rare soul connection.

More than lovers.

A beautiful love that is eternal.

—Pamela Hester

A Soul Song Poem #MondayBlogs #Poetry

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A desire to feel the energy from the one whose soul mirrored mines.

Feeling the love embracing me like an ancient lover from many lifetimes ago.

A sweet kiss like a rose blossoming like a gentle breeze of the wind, or droplets of water cascading down subtle skin.

The love you give is inviting, and radiated waves of burning desire; at times it feels like I can hardly breathe. 

Though, the true essence of myself yearned for you every day.

Magnetizing, captivating, the confidence of the one who expressed what real love is all about.

The bravery; my king, my emperor, and my love.

Embodying a warrior; a protector of my heart.

The mirror to my soul.

The joining with my spirit.

The other half of my being.

And, I love you, truly, madly, and deeply.


©Pamela E Hester