An Eternal Yin-Yang Love #Poetry 

That wonderful, yet terrifying feeling of you knowing the innermost thoughts and feelings of mines. 
A telepathy once unknown.

A consciousness received.

Chakras activated, healed, and balanced.

A spiritual path

Growth and development.

A journey

The darkness and light, 

To overcome the challenges we faced.

That selfless love. The self-love.

The ups and downs, 

A progress

Of being the best version of ourselves.

Real and true love, unconditional.

Me, healing and recovering from the past.

You, knowing who you truly are,

Shedding the layers of the old you.

And still a work in progress,

Because we have a life purpose to fulfilled.

A soul mission.

Never truly just about us,

But what we can do for the World.

I love you, because you are me and I am you. Xo.

— Pamela Hester ©2018

From my Instagram post- @phoenixrise1


The Language Of Love #Poetry #amwriting

The language of love speaks when we gaze with such intensity into each other’s eyes.

The language of love speaks when we caressed, succumbing to every ebb and flow of energy like a liquid fire.

The language of love speaks when we are one in mind, body, spirit, and soul.


By : Pamela E Hester ©

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Writing Challenge (Day 28) Phrase I Live By

I have struggled with being strong for the majority of my life. It took someone who I’ve heard stated in a comment once that being strong and staying strong while you are going through trials and tribulations, can be a greatest inspiration for someone else. I know that now. From battling a mental issue to problems after another, I’ve learned to be strong nevertheless.

We all have a story. I held mines inside afraid of being judged mentally and socially. Tell your story cause someone is listening. They may be or know a person who is going through the same thing you are. This is my favorite phrase for this challenge. I am and still learning to be strong.

Be strong through your pain, some one else may be going through the same.

Stay strong when you reach your break-through, you’re almost there.

Be strong when you tried everything you could, you’re not a failure.

Stay strong when you’re there, God not finish with you yet.

No matter what life throws at you, be strong and stay strong my dear. For I been there and still am.

Learning, yet still progressing.