Motivation Monday- The Teaching Of Life #Quotes

“And after every storm comes a new sky.”

We all go through something for reason so it’s always good to see a rainbow in the sky, a flower so beautiful it doesn’t need to be pluck, and the magic the sun brings when it rises and falls. We have to remind ourselves that it’s okay to feel what it is we are feeling so we can process it well. We have to do what we can, while we can, so we can continue to embrace the teachings that life give us.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend, and I hope you get through this week on a positive note. Stay safe and be blessed, lovelies.

April Writing Challenge- Day 30: My Highs and Lows For this Month

Perhaps without the lows, the highs could not be reached | Picture ...

Wow, I can’t believe this #writing challenge has come to an end. Thinking back to March 30th, I was like should I do this because I would have to write something for thirty days straight. And, drum roll please…(makes drumming sound)… I have gotten to Day 30. Yay! And I have done this with another blogger- Baby Butterflies and Coffee. Please do check out her posts if you haven’t done so. She’s amazing. It was fun doing this challenge with her and I thank her a lot for doing this with me.

Now, today’s writing challenge is to write about my highs and lows for this month. I want to talk about the highs first.

One of my highs for this month was talking about what makes me really happy. It was day one and it felt good talking about something positive and putting me in a good mood. Another was listing the five places I want to visit because though being in quarantine like everyone else, it didn’t hurt having to talk about places I dream of visiting one day. While doing the challenge, Day 5, I had taken the liberty to study more about those places mainly to give myself something to do and to educate myself.

During this month, I had come across some movies and shows I’ve never seen and re-watched the ones I have seen at least more than once. I probably have seen tens of movies this month and it felt good to chill out with housemates and kick back just watching movies. There were times I had watched some films and shows by myself and it okay with me. Then there was the music that helped me get through certain  moments I had whether it was good or bad. Music tends to have that effect that it can turn a cloudy day into a day that of sunshine. It is great therapy.

Another high I had was me getting high, just kidding, but having spent some time with myself and getting to know who I am and what I am, my likes and dislikes, I’ll have to say it was quite interesting. And that how I felt when I wrote the 30 facts about me. It’s something about sharing tidbits of information about yourself because you try not to come off too weird or crazy, or something else. Then I told myself, that all that I am it is better that I will be myself and hope that you guys would understand. I have learned that if you can’t be yourself around people then you have to be around those who can. And that is what I had applied in real life. Believe me when I say in this cyberworld, there are people I know in real life and I can’t be myself with them in cyberworld or real world.

The lows I had was having to write about my past and would sit for hours debating whether I should write about it or not.  Anything so distressing to talk about is going to be hard when it’s about the past. But I am glad that I did. As I was able to open up, I was able to peel away each layer of the past with ease. It wasn’t easy at first to open up and I suppose that is why I’m glad that I’ve been going to counseling in which I have been doing so for a year and a half now.

The lows haven’t really been the kinds of lows that would normally make me want to break out in fits of rage and cry. No, this time, I allow myself to go through and absorb what was going on so I can go through the process of the happenings so it can be processed well. I’m happy that I am doing better than I had before.

Any other lows I had will be okay and will work itself out. Anything that we all go through is for a reason and we shouldn’t beat ourselves up and just learn from it. I know not that it is okay if I don’t know all the answers and it’s okay to think back to the past. When thinking back to the past, now, it is more on the lines of learning and healing so I can grow and be the best version of myself.

The past thirty days have taught me a lot and it hasn’t quite been a crazy roller coaster ride, but I am thankful I have gone through it all.

Thank you all for rocking with me for these thirty days and any other days before. I am grateful and thankful you have taken the time out to read my blog posts and getting to know the woman behind this blog. I have some catching  up to do in reading your posts. Thanks again.

Much love,


This concludes the 30 Days Writing Challenge. Be safe and well. Enjoy yourself and know that someone cares about you. Take care.

P.S. Why do this sounds like a farewell. I’m going to be posting something else soon, just don’t know when yet. Trust you will see me and my posts again sometimes soon.


Life is filled with highs... | Quotes & Writings by Akshit ...



April Writing Challenge- Day 27: What’s Kicking Butt Right Now

Image by Mohamed Nuzrath from Pixabay


Good morning/afternoon everyone! I hope your weekend went well and you’ve done something that made you happy and relaxing, and what have you. Today’s writing challenge is about what’s kicking butt right now. Well, the term that is used below is “something that is kicking ass right now,” just to be correct.

The thing is, right now, there isn’t anything I can think of that is kicking ass/butt right now. I wish a lot of things was different before this pandemic, but like I’ve mentioned before, my life now isn’t all that different before the pandemic. I just like doing things on my own terms.

I know there are things that are happening that may seem like its kicking butt, though it may be like giving it power to control us how we think about it and how we deal with it. Yes, some things are out of our control, but we can choose how we deal with it. Life has really been kicking my butt for sure for however long now. Let’s not think about the number right now, okay?

Sometimes kicking butt can be a good thing (depends on what’s happening in most cases) because it makes her stronger. When we get a swift kick in the rear end, we fall down but we get right back up again. I used to get very angry whenever I try to do something and then it all goes wrong. I wouldn’t handle it well and would sometimes lash out. I’m doing a lot better now than I ever had, and I am proud of myself.

In other ways of kicking butt is when are doing so- no, no, not kicking somebody’s ass/butt even though some need it. I’m talking about when you have accomplished something that is long-coming and a remarkable thing beating the odds of what you thought you couldn’t do. And then you look back at how far you come and can finally breathe from all the hard work you put into the long process.

I don’t want to make this too long, so I just want to leave you all with this:

In all that you do, whatever you do, get started as soon as you can, and kick-ass!

Thank you guys for reading and stay tuned for Day 28.




April Writing Challenge- Day 24: A Lesson I’ve Learned The Hard Way

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Hi all! It was only three days ago that I wrote about lessons but it was about lessons my child should learn from me. Today’s #writing challenge is about a lesson I have learned the hard way.

One of the lesson I had to learned the hard way was trying to be like someone else. One of the many things I don’t like that I do about myself is being someone else instead of just being who I am. Someone told me a long time ago, “Pam, how you expect someone to get to know you when you barely let anyone in and you don’t know who it is you are.” I’ve been thinking about that statement for years. You see, I had already felt that being myself was a crime because I would get reprimanded. So, if I couldn’t be me then who should I be?

I had to learn that I am unique because I am. And if I am just like anyone else, then that wouldn’t make me unique. Learning to separate myself from the rest and to take a look within to get to know myself. I had wasted time watching how most men go for certain females. Back when I my size was in the single digit, I would wear wear my shirt and jeans that fit close to my skin. I wanted to show off my slight curves even though I was also skinny. Till this day, I don’t care about being a size 4 or a size 6 anymore because I still didn’t like myself even when I didn’t had much fat on my body.

Still, I would dress that way and would change it up to dress in baggy clothes because I was something of a girly tomboy. I attracted the wrong attention dressing in almost-tight clothing. I wore no makeup and I had minimal jewelry. I was young and dumb and wanted to fit in. I had that I had constantly wasted years of my life that I cannot get back being whoever someone wanted me to be. And when I did, some of those people still didn’t stick around or came around when it was convenient for them.

It was hard for me to follow my own path and to not get caught up in the latest trends. It was hard for me to feel like I have to use so much energy and time to not get someone’s attention, but to hold it. It was like I had to do so much to do so, while I was just getting the bare minimal in return. It was hard for me not to questioned myself about what is wrong with me that I can be all that I can try to be, so a person wouldn’t just leave. I supposed it come from trying to do so with my family. The side of the family who took my siblings and me into their home only wanted us to be seen and not heard. And with me being the oldest, I got it worst.

Those times were something I had to seriously learn from so I can work on myself. I have to tell myself that it was okay being myself and not get caught up with what I see on social media, and not become something or someone that I’m not. I had to tell myself that just because a guy ogled over those Instagram models and I am with him or we was to get into a relationship, that I shouldn’t lose my cool. I shouldn’t lose my self-respect arguing to a guy about why he do so much for and give attention to other females while he with me.

And over the years when some of these guys would be trying to get with me, they still keep going for these females telling me one thing and doing another.

Now, I have stopped trying to be someone else and have stopped people-pleasing. I have done so much work on myself spiritually wise mostly that I have become super protective of my space and energy. And that definitely includes the guys who want to use me and want me to be like this or that just for their own desires or whatever.

While doing this post, so much was going on and this post was going in a direction I didn’t originally plan. There was things I wanted to get off my chest that I couldn’t talk about…yet.

Thank you for reading and understanding that my head space is quite muddled now. I hope you all are doing well and staying safe.

Stay tuned for Day 25.

April Writing Challenge- Day 21: Three Lessons I Want My Child To Learn From Me

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When I was a lot younger, there was only one person I can truly say had taught me something about life in general, and that person was my dad. Other than that, it was life experiences that taught me a little more than I care for. And I can say that it made me the woman I am today. That sounded cliche but it is the truth. We go through things or lessons because it supposes to teach us so we can learn and do better. And to be better.

Today’s writing challenge is for me to write about three lessons I want my children to learn from me. Well, most of you know I have only one child- a girl. So as far as children I will include any future child(ren) I may or may not have with the one I have now. I love my child and I want the best for her. This world isn’t safe, life isn’t fair- it’s how we deal with it, and some people wear the kind of masks to hide the real them. I want them to know what’s real and what’s not. And to learn who is for you and who is just faking it.

1. Choose yourself first. I want my child(ren) to know to put themselves first. They are worthy of being someone who has morals and values and will not accept anything less than what they deserve. I have been the type of person who had put herself last. I would give so much of myself and helped others that I would have no time, energy or money for myself, mostly for the wrong people. I want my children to know that they don’t owe anyone anything who done them wrong. I want them to take what they want out of life seriously and not to take any b.s. There are people who would take your heart in their hands and take it apart. There are people who will take advantage of you and confuse your kindness for weakness. I am currently teaching my daughter this now.

  1. Get started in life doing something productive early. I’ve spent my life writing what the heck I want to do with it in notebooks since the sixth grade. I would day-dreamed about the life I want and would be so caught up that I wouldn’t hear the teacher calling my name. It left the class laughing at me and I was nicknamed Dreamer. It was better than the other stupid nicknames I was called. I would like for my children to not waste time not doing anything they want to do in life. I want them to also not to put their dreams and goals on the back burner just to help someone who might not give two-cents about you. I am currently working on getting my daughter to realize that she has her whole life ahead of her and she shouldn’t waste it by playing video games and watching Youtube. I am so behind in life putting my needs and wants last for people that I want my child any possible future children to learn that you don’t have all the time in the world. And if there’s something you want to do and be, then get started. I want it to be their choice, but yeah, I have visions on what I want my child to do and be. But, I don’t want her to be pressured and only do it for my sake.
  2. It’s okay to say no. You can’t help everyone, and shouldn’t stretch yourself thin trying to do so either. You are only one person and if you over-extend yourself, where would you find the time to get anything done for yourself, or to just take a rest. I want my child to learn from me that if you can’t do it or don’t have the time, or just need the rest, it’s okay to say no to others. They shouldn’t do anything they aren’t comfortable doing and anything that would harm them. They should take from me that if you don’t say no, you may find yourself getting too deep of always being that “yes person” that a person may guilt-trip you into doing something they want you to do. I don’t want my child to be mean or negative about, just kindly say, “no, I cannot,” and go on about your day. No explanation needed. I want them to ask themselves would that person stop what they are doing just to help you? Do they say no often to something you ask them for help about? I don’t want my child or any children of mines I may or may not have to be a people-pleaser. They should know that they come first.

Though there are a lot of other lessons I want my child to learn from me, unfortunately, I can only name three. Just like challenges, lessons are growth. And you may end up discovering something about yourself that you have never known.

What lessons do you want your child and/or any future child(ren) to learn from you?

Thanks for reading and stay safe.

Stay tuned for Day 22.