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Tired. Worn shoes. Getting too dark to turn back now.
© Pamela E. Hester


Where Has Our Love Gone? #MondayBlogs #amwriting #fiction

Continued From- Baby, Your Love Kills Me.


It has been about a week since Andrew and Jessica’s sexual encounter at a friend’s party, and Andrew had only heard from Jessica only once; which was very brief. He missed laying eyes on her and holding her dearly.

No sight no hear. He tried calling, yet received not a sound from her sing-song voice. What could it be? He kept asking himself, thinking back days ago of anything that could have gone wrong. Was it the negative vibes from a few women who sat gossiping about her? Jessica doesn’t give a damn about that. Or, was it the invasion of ants that messed up her so perfect hair after her afterglow? Andrew laughed at the hilarious memory. Nevertheless, they had fun, or so he thought.

Picking up the phone once again, he heard a loud knock at the door. He hurried over hoping it would be his Jessica. He jerked opened the door and found his best friend, Tamia with an upsetting look stretched across her face.

“Why haven’t you returned any of my calls?” She asked tautly, glancing about the place.

“I’ve been busy,” Andrew simply replied. He noted how distracted his friend was. Her large eyes glimpsed about as if to find a particular something or someone.

“Busy, huh? Oh, please don’t tell me, with Miss Prissy Jessica?”

“Yeah, busy,” Andrew avoided telling Tamia about his feelings towards Jessica’s absence. It would make her day worth living for just to know he’s having issues where Jessica is concerned.

Tamia studies him closer, not believing him for a second. Maybe “busy” worrying over that thot, Tamia thought, seething.

Andrew turned to ambles into the kitchen to fix a drink for them both. Disappointment washed over him that it wasn’t the one he was hoping for. He absentmindedly grabs the Tropicana and a glass. Anxiety began to tear him down. Not one time had he done something Jessica didn’t like. Andrew always went above and beyond for her.

“Earth to Andy!” Tamia yells, hitting her fist against the counter.

“Damn girl! Chill much? Here’s your orange juice,” Andrew shook his head, his nerves fired up. Call me Jessica, now!

Look, you been tripping over something since I walked in here. This is me. Tell me what’s bothering you, or I’m out.” Tamia fussed. She let her fingers drummed against the granite counter.

Sighing audibly, Andrew spilled out his feelings about Jessica and her absence anyway. They always had a bump in the road, yet they managed to work through it. They survived.

“…I know Jessica loves me, but she just have a funny way of showing it,” Andrew was saying.

“A funny way? Jessica don’t care about anyone but herself. She’s a leech, a freaking narcissistic. You have been damn near broke since she entered your life. You are always back and forth with her. Andrew, she’s no good for you.” Tamia prays that what she said resonate with her good friend.

Andrew is a great catch; she can see that. She can see herself with him as well. However, guys like Andrew seemed to fall for the bad girls’ type that broadcast their sexuality on Instagram and Snapchat like it was no problem. Jessica is a woman who wants a man for what he can give her, and once she gets what she wants, she moves on to the next; that is if she hasn’t lost interest.

Yeah, Tamia was sick to her core of those types of women who take the good guys and make a mess of them.

“You are wrong for this, Tamia. You are better than that.” Andrew glance up at the ceiling, hoping that by the time he counts to three, this nightmare with his childhood friend will cease to exist.

“No, you are better than being with a bitch like Jessica-”

“Don’t call her that!” Andrew interrupted furiously.

“How about this changing your mind,” Tamia digs into her Coach bag and threw numerous pictures at him.

“What is all this?” Andrew got his answer as his eyes scanned his scantily-clad woman in the arms of another man. Multiple pictures of the one whom he loves and thought love him, seducing and being seduced by a guy, who wasn’t him.

“I warned you about her. You see, she-”

“You have no right bringing this-” Andrew heard the sound of his doorbell ringing.

He hastily went to the door, still arguing with Tamia. Flinging the door open without asking who it was stood Jessica with a weird look plastered on her beautiful face.

If you haven’t already, read the beginning of their sweet misery of love. 💋


It’s All About Me Now #marquessachallenge #amwriting #fiction

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No more. She cannot do this back and forth shit with him anymore. She felt like she was swept up in a whirlwind of lies, deceit, and betrayal and have to wait out the storm whether she wants to or not. And besides, patience isn’t her strong suit.

What caused them to break up this time was his latest get rich quick scheme- with her money. Even though it was only two hundred dollars, he didn’t ask her for it. She figured he gotten her back for pawning a necklace an ex-girlfriend gave him; he should have just given the darn thing back to the woman.

“Caitlyn, are you ready to head on over to Trevor’s bar? He said a hot guy friend of his will be there for you to meet.” Her friend, Ginger asked her as they walked half a block from their boutique to the bar/restaurant.

At their friend’s bar, staring at the ginger ale he made for her, memories of her and Martin played over in Caitlyn’s mind, torturing her unmercifully. She misses his full lips and the way he would hold her at night. Yeah, they both have their faults but Caitlyn was through with this rollercoaster ride. It has taken over her life.

She picks up the glass and gulped down the ale. As she swallowed, she saw Ginger winding her hips with a reddish hair guy, and to her left, Trevor was chatting animatedly with an extremely attractive guy. Caitlyn couldn’t believe her luck. Both of her friends are enjoying themselves while she mopes over a guy she can’t rid herself of.

It was always a pattern with them. Screw up. Argue. Make up. Repeat. Every time something goes wrong, instead of talking about it and come to some type of understanding to fix it, sex will get in the way. Caitlyn’s mind is fuzzy, and gulping down a glass of red wine a bartender had set down moments ago only helped a little.

“Here’s the guy I wanted you to meet,” Trevor said, coming up to her.

Caitlyn could only blink at the tall guy with a low cut fade who smiles warmly at her. His eyes scanned her face like he wanted to remember every detail and replied,

“Hi, I’m Tresden,” showing two rows of perfect white teeth.

“Caitlyn.” She responded, shaking his hand.

“Well, I just wanted you two to meet before his shift ends. He’ll be back,” Trevor told them, backpedaling with the guy. The guy wave sheepishly.

“Trevor, forever squeezing the last bit of labor out of someone. Poor guy.”

“Girl, I told you he was hot!” Ginger squealed, waving her fingers in her direction. She winked.

“Yes, I know. But, I’m not ready to move on too fast. I’m still working on exorcising Martin out of my system. It’s all about me now.” Caitlyn stated.

Her phone vibrated on the table. She and Ginger both shot daggers at it and saw that it was Martin calling.

“What?! Now?” Caitlyn exclaimed in a loud whisper to her friend. Her eyes darted furiously from the phone to Ginger in disbelief.

“Don’t do it! Don’t pick up the phone. You know he’s only calling because he’s drunk and lonely. He always is,” Ginger suggested, taking a hurried drink from her glass. She licks her ruby red lips as she gauges her friend’s reaction.

“B-b-but” Caitlyn sputtered.

“But, hell. Leave it! Besides, with all the up and down shit he put you through, you better off without him. And, also, he’s nothing compared to Tresden.”

“Compared to who?” A gruff voice asked them with a slur.

Caitlyn and Ginger slowly glanced up and gasped. Standing there unsteady with bloodshot eyes was Martin. Coming up behind him carrying food was Tresden with a confused look on his face.

“Oh no,” Caitlyn mumbled, mentally praying Martin wouldn’t make a scene.

©2017 Pamela Hester

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Baby, Your Love Kills Me #MondayBlogs #amwriting #fiction

Continued from Your Love Is Sweet Misery.

Warning: 18+ (Mature Audiences)


“He can smell the inviting scent of her perfume a few feet away. It was driving him insane! It sent an unbearable electrifying desire throughout his body and ached in the middle. He sat down his drink, ambles over to her with hunger in his eyes..”


🌹 🌹 🌹

Andrew wrapped an arm around Jessica’s slim waist from behind; inhaling that intoxicating perfume he loves so much. They grind against one another not caring who was watching; cause at this moment the only one that matter was them.

“Rock me slow,” Jessica breathes out, turning around to envelop her delicate, soft hands around his thick neck.

Andrew did what he was told, staring into her hazel eyes. The rocking intensified. Andrew groaned. Jessica slow-wind; pressure is building up, feeling Andrew’s thick hardness through her thin material. She threw her head back in satisfaction, allowing the cool breeze to ease her troubled mind.

She had a rough day over some finances on her part going wrong; and right now with Andrew, she felt exhilerated. The fluidity of their movements and of the wind blowing, her baby pink mini dress lifted up fluttering around her hips. It caused an upsetting murmurs from those who couldn’t or wouldn’t tear their eyes away. She made no attempt to smooth down the dress.

“My Andew,” Jessica sighs and hugged him tight. She could feel the daggers being thrown her way by envious women who actually thought they had a chance with her man. No chance is given when she is in town.

Andrew. Her comforter. Her lover, knight in shining armour. Her ATM machine. Yeah, she found the right one.

Andrew pulled away as the song ended, basking in the sight of such gorgeousness before him. He licks his full lips. So enthralled, he saw Jessica’s mouth moved. What was she saying? He wondered. Andrew’s mind was a whirlwind, envisioning sensual thoughts of them behind a bush somewhere.

“Do you want to?” Jessica asked. She nibbles on her bottom lip, coyly. An act that gets her her way…with anyone.

“Hmm?” He answered absentmindedly, lowering his head to hear her.

Jessica laughs and pulls him towards her, laughing as her lips mesh with his. He could feel her body pulsating electrifying heat against his body. It sent a feverish feeling throughout with an insatiable desire that forgetting everything and everyone; he quickly picked her slender body up and walked them behind a tall rose bush.

..Nowadays, you can’t do anything without a pair of eyes or two watching your every move. Some people gasped, mostly women while others whooped. But, there was one who sat mean-faced oozing hate for the couple who rolled around in rose petals, groping and moaning without a care in the world.


Stay tuned next week to find out what happens next.


I Saw Our Lives Together In Your Eyes- #marquessachallenge #fiction #love

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Today is finally ending, and Zen is glad. What a hectic day! He stated mentally. Work took what energy he had left in hopes of a night out in town. Nevertheless, he can catch up on his sleep and binge-watching his favorites on Netflix. 

On top of having a bad day, he saw a couple in love trying not to express public display of affection which only reminded him of a woman he lost connection with. Months and months he invested into getting to know her and he doesn’t know where the first place to look to find her.

Not wanting to end his day or go home because it’s going to be empty there on this Friday evening, Zen walked two blocks to Books and Noble. Since it’s warm out, walking would be more beneficial than just driving there.

Once inside the bookstore, Zen immediately felt a sense of calm and peacefulness. Nothing like ending a bad day in a bookstore, he assured himself. He headed over to the café to order his usual: a caffe latte and a blueberry muffin before searching the isles for a good read.

Moments later after browsing the romance section, he sat down to read a Forbes magazine he picked up along the way until a familiar feeling swept over him like a gentle, welcoming breeze. He closed his eyes, submitting to the familiarity.

He knows the feeling too well. It’s an emotion you feel deep within yourself that comes outward to swaddled you in its embrace. Warmth and comfort. It has to be her thinking of him like he’s been thinking of her. He desires and adores her. No one has ever made him feel like this, and to think Instagram is what started it all.

Zen glances around slowly, wishing he could be with her and this time, express himself about how he really feels. He threw a few of his dreads over his shoulder that escaped from the band to hold his dreadlocks in place. He sighs. She is the one who made him believe and trust in love again.

He redirects his attention to the magazine, but someone caught his eye. He slightly turns his head and his breath caught. Could it be? What is she doing here? She lives on the West coast, he thought.

Zen shot up out of his seat, almost abandoning his books, and nearly tripped over his feet getting to her. He waited so long for this moment, nothing can stop him, not even his trippy self.

With each step he took, his heart pounded louder, drowning out the noise coming from the patrons and a television that hung from the ceiling on the south end side.

His chestnut brown eyes stayed fixated on her even when he stood silently in front of her table. His mouth couldn’t move as he took in the sight of her…

Marissa was so enthralled by a book she was reading that she haven’t noticed someone there at first. She sensed the presence and slowly lifted her head.

“Zen!” She exclaimed in a loud whisper. Her widen eyes started to water as he took a seat. Her heart fluttered as she stared up at him; the man who she has deep feelings for from her social media.

“Yes, Marissa. I-I missed you so much.” Zen said to her, reaching for her hands.

“I’ve missed you too. I can’t believe we’re here, together…finally.” Marissa blinked back the tears threatening to fall. She failed. Before she could wipe them away, he did so for her.

Their fingers intertwined as they gazed deeply into each other eyes. Time seems to have stood still. A thousand words they wanted to say. They waited all their lives for each other and for this moment to tell one another what they wanted to say, but they were mesmerized, spellbound.

“Hmm, Marissa, I have to say this so you will know how much you mean to me.”

Marissa could only nod, not trusting her choke words she squeezed his hand tighter.

“Never in my life have I ever felt love like this. When I saw you online and then we started talking, it opened up something inside of me. We have a lot in common, our likes, dislikes, similar past and present experiences… What I’m trying to say is in your eyes, I’ve found the missing pieces. The missing pieces to complete me. You are my everything, love. You…you..” Zen couldn’t complete his sentence. He’s not perfect but here’s a woman who wants him, all of him, and he’s feels so blessed to have known her. She was made for him, and he for her.

Marissa went over to sit closer beside him. She laid her head against his shoulder. “I know, love, I know. I feel the same way. I can’t stop thinking about you. Your laugh, the live videos you shared, the music…You mean so much to me. I’ve waited so long to tell you how much. We should go somewhere privately,” she suggested, looking up at him.

He gazed down lovingly at her, and said, “Yes, mi amour. I love you so much.” His eyes showed exactly how he felt.

She responded, “I love you too.”

By: Pamela Hester ©2017.                      🌹                                                                🌹

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