PressThis: How to Self-Publish a Book: The Sweet Science of Indie Publishing #MondayBlogs #publishing #indieauthors

Hi everyone! How was your weekend? Over the last few days, well, actually, over the last several months ago, I’ve been researching about independent publishing. It seem like the best route to go than with an agency. But, which ever route you choose is up to you.

Reedsy is a company that helps authors with editing and such. I had came across their blog about self-publishing through an email. It is a guide for authors who decides to take that route. It’s long, informative, and has a breakdown on each step to take. (Below are the steps they covered.)
Whether you publish on CreateSpaceIngramSpark, both, or BookBaby, the info Reedsy provided can help you out a lot, and save you a lot of time and money. Please do check it out.

Below are the areas of self publishing they covered:

  • Bypassing the Gatekeepers: Advantages of Self-Publishing
  • Two Common Approaches to Self-Publishing
  • Write the Book
  • Edit the Manuscript
  • Design the Cover and Format the Interior
  • Publish as an eBook and in Print
  • Master the Kindle Store (and Other Retailers)
  • Market Your Book Effectively
  • Create an Awesome Launch Plan
  • The Dollars and Cents
  • Additional Resources


Learning how to self-publish a book has never been simpler. Follow these steps and find out how to become the next indie publishing sensation by writing, editing, and marketing your book properly.

Source: How to Self-Publish a Book: The Sweet Science of Indie Publishing


Life Is Too Short For Drama…Be In A Positive Light And Be Happy

Some people don’t know what it’s like to be happy, or they do and just won’t do what it takes to get in that high vibrational frequency. They are so miserable and negative that they will bring you down along with them.

Being in such a negative state of mind don’t make anything nor anyone better. It only get worse. If you think positive and do positive things, positivity will come to you. An abundance of things will flow onto you. 

If you are that person, come out of that darkness. Nothing good lives there. Low vibrational energy can hurt you and those around you.

And if you are around that person and they refused to change for the better not even for themselves, they you will have to move on from that person. You have to think about yourself and do what is right for you. You only have one life. Be positive, be in light. Smile, laugh, be thankful for life and surround yourself with like-minded people. 

Stay blessed.

(I wrote this post without editing. I apologize in advance for any typos and/or grammatical errors. Thanks for understanding.)