26 Days Of Alliteration: Z Is For Zen- Day 26 #26daysofalliteration


Zestfully in zen.


Pamela E. Hester ©2018


26 Days Of Alliteration- P Is For Praying- Day 16 #26DaysofAlliteration



Praying for peace and protection.

Planning to be positive through pain; am powerful.


Pamela E. Hester ©2018


Paying Homage To Our Fierce Women #Motivation #Inspiration


I am reposting to remind ourselves to love ourselves, each other, and take care always. Life is too precious.                         Enjoy your day! 


For today’s prompt, I would like to do a tribute for all of our women. We are fierce in our own special way. 💜

A fierce woman is:

F– Fearless, focused, and flexible.

I– Independent, inspiring, and intelligent; though intoxicating.

E– Elegant, enchanting, and empowered.

R– Repectful, romantic, and remarkable.

C– Classy, committed, creative, and compassionate.

E– Energetic, exquisite, and extraordinary.

There is so much to be said about us as women that I can’t named them all. We have a lot to give. Life begins with us, but doesn’t end with us. I salute the women before me, commend the ones with me, and let’s continue to pave the road for the women after us.🌹

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You Only Live Once, Enjoy Life- #loveandpeace

There comes a time in your life when you have to take a step back and realize how precious life is.

So much heartaches, attacks, killings, and just plain evilness that goes on in our lives and what we see and hear on television and social media.

We can’t give into the hurt and pain that are flooding this world and trying to take what light and love we have left.

Had a close call with a family member this week and thanking God this person is still here. Suicide and homicide play a major part in this world. It makes you think, wonder, and not taking life for granted.

Love one another.

If you dislike something a person say or do, think before you act. And ask yourself if this worth it.

Let love and light fill you up with positivity.

One love. One heart. Let get together and feel alright.

—Bob Marley

Image courtesy by pixabay.com