About Pamela (K. Phoenix)

imageThis blog is about the matters of the heart and in life. I talk about relationship because those are the things that are important in our daily lives that we have to work through. I believe in inspiration at times, because I care about people and what happens to them. I talk about love a lot because I can never seem to figure it out, but something I do believe in. I’ve haven’t truly been in love, but have seen it in others.

There are times when a person is in a relationship that she/he thought they was happy, and the other person doesn’t know what he/she wants and bounce back and forth to you to whoever the other female or male is. Being used and abused, and having to struggle had made me stronger and work harder in life. How can a person have a story when they haven’t been through anything?

A little about me, I am an aspiring writer and a blogger. My love for writing began when I was a little girl in second grade who couldn’t find anything to passed the time. Lol. Writing is a passion that I live, breathe, and sweat. Yes I said sweat! When I’m not running around with my eight- year- old daughter, Shelley, I’m either reading a book or writing. Or, listening to music through my ear buds that helps to distress my spirit.

I have written a book called, Secrets Unveil that’s currently in revision. I’m a sucker for perfection and can’t make my mind up on which way I want to go. I love poetry and a good book with a glass of wine.

You also can find out a lot about who I am and what matters most to me by blog posts. 😊

You can email me and/or connect with me through Facebook and Twitter. Let’s keep the love going! ❤️

Thanks for visiting my blog!


Email: pamelahester5@gmail.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/kphoenixlove

Twitter: www.twitter.com/PamelaHester


38 thoughts on “About Pamela (K. Phoenix)”

  1. After 33 years of marriage, I know love is not something you find; it is something you choose to do. I’m sure your 6-year-old is not loveable 100% of the time, but you choose to love her. Thanks for liking my post, “What I Do When I Am Not Writing.”

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    1. Wow, I don’t know anyone personally who been together that long. That’s amazing! I always like hearing about how others kept theirs going. I guess I been with others who chose not to…


      1. You can link back to my site in telling about the award, but pick other blogs to nominate yourself, and pay it forward. That way more blogs get recognized and shared with each other. Thank you for the thought! You can see what I did on my award page… 🙂

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    1. Oh, you are well on your way to greatness. It’s easier and challenging to write about what speaks to your heart. I will visit your blog and check it out. Welcome to the blogging world!

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    1. Hi, thanks for stopping by my blog. Yes, Jacqueline hosts amazing parties. A great opportunity to meet other fellow bloggers. I’m looking forward to getting to know you and your blog. 😊


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