Comply And Still Die #BlackLivesMatter #SaySomething #racism

Such tragedies that won’t stop happening all around us. Let’s not keep quiet and allow this to be of the norm. My prayers to the families and for all of us.

Light and love!

Simply Marquessa

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It didn’t feel right to post the lighthearted quote I had scheduled for today.

The tragic events have been constantly on my mind and I haven’t been able to focus on much else.

Like many others, I’m still reeling with sadness, shock and feeling sick to my stomach. I don’t know the families of the victims but I found myself with tears in my eyes all throughout the day as if I did know them.

Because when you’re living in a certain skin, these events hit you hard and force you to say something.

It sickens me that:

  • these types of events are becoming the norm;
  • there are absolutely no checks and balances for those that are supposed to protect and serve;
  • certain people will try to blame the victims for what happened;
  • it took a courageous woman to show the world through Facebook…

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