Trouble In Digital Paradise 

Hello everyone! Happy Tuesday. Today will be a short post for I just want to inform you all about what’s going on my end. I’m having difficulties with my blog. I can’t view in on my site here at WordPress. I’m also working on my domain back on track, so with that I may not be able to publish posts. WordPress, in the matter of a few days coming, may close down my blog, temporarily.

This always seems to happen whenever I make a change. I should be able to access the Reader so I can catch up on all your posts. Been wondering if this what will happen when I decide to get an author’s website hosted through Bluehost later this year. Has anyone tried Bluehost or rather Hostgator before? If so, how has it worked for you?

I already can’t wait to come back and begin posting again. I’ll miss it. (Sniff, sniff)

Btw, how are all of you doing?

Image: Google


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