In a giving mood it is The Holidays Liebster Award

Thanks so much Paul for this award! 😊 I literally woke up to this. Happy holidays! 💜


liebster-awardWhen I do these I make up my own rules, sadly I am still awake so I am giving this out. I ask a favor to check out my song category, haiku and acrostic and view, like and comment. You do not have to but I will appreciate it. I am giving one out now, one during the afternoon tomorrow and one on Christmas Day.:)

OK my rules: 1. Obviously thank and have others thank the nominator. 2. Pick just 5 people to nominate though I am picking more. 3. Answer 5 questions I will give out shortly. 4. Then make up your own questions for your nominees. 5 Let them know they are nominated. 6. make sure you display the award. A lot of people get confused by this. I open a page and a WP tab, then I start to write a post and open a second one…

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