Instagram Moments On Monday- Work On Yourself First

I was just having a LONG discussion about this with a 'potential' guy… Seesh I am approached by many men who either mentally, spiritually, financially, emotionally bring nothing, nada, zilch to the table. Simply not equally yoked. Intimacy comes a dime a dozen, there is no shortage of that, but finding someone with real substance, their own assets and that can contribute to your growth or help you to take the "load" off is a rare find. Until then work on yourself, become the best YOU that you can, be a better parent, friend, business person, writer, child of God, get fit etc. FOCUS and don't rush into a situation to fill a perceived void. It may end up costing you in the end. Enjoy life and take in a few sunsets…. But never settle I know that I will not. Remember that REAL love is rare, deeply felt and it doesn't happen overnight . Be patient and gentle with yourself. 👍🏾🙏🏾. #RandomThoughts #TwinFlame #NeverFuckingSettle #MekaIsms ❤️💋…. OH and when it's RIGHT it doesn't take five years to figure it out. #Focus

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What she said above. 🖕🏼Happy Monday everyone! #relationship goals


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