Writing Challenge (Day 6) Who Fascinate Me and Why

I’ve been struggling with this since I found out I had to do it. For Day 6 writing challenge, I am to write about who fascinates me and why. Although, I do not have one in mind for I still want to carry on with this challenge.

You see, and this may seem rather sad, no one in my life that I can speak on a personal level fascinated me in any way. I would love to dedicate this post to someone, but that’s slim to none.

So, instead of rambling on, I do would like to thank the ones who have followed my blog and read my posts. I’m a weird character, I know. Lol. Most of you have given me positive feedback, though, I accept any other feedback as well. I can take it.

You guys inspire me to keep going. I had once wanted to quit this blog many times. So glad I havent. I want to give YOU all praises in all that you do. From blogging and writing to everyday life outside of this. Kudos to you. Well wishes!

—Much love,

Pamela 💜


7 thoughts on “Writing Challenge (Day 6) Who Fascinate Me and Why”

  1. Pamela, you’re amazing and thank you for sharing this post. I know it’s rather difficult to write about things that don’t pertain to us but yet you did it beautifully by sharing what’s within. Thank you for everything!

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