30-day Writing Challenge(Day 1)- Problems With Social Media 

I had recently came across a post on Facebook by The Writer’s Circle about doing a 30-day writing challenge with each day you write on a different topic being given.

I believe this is great, along with WordPress daily topics, it gives more ideas to write about. So, I’m also doing this challenge with a friend of mines so wish us luck.

For day 1, the topic is Five problems with social media. Here goes:

  1. Fakeness- You dont know what’s real and what isn’t anymore. What someone posted up could be photo-shopped or people will lie about who they are. I don’t know how many times I came across many people who can be one way online and another way in real life. But, what if you don’t know who and how they are in real life? I had always wondered why people can’t be their true selves which brings me to my second problem…
  2. Doppelgänger- When you see one, you saw them all. One female pointed out the other day on Instagram how many profiles being set up to posed as her.  It had gotten to the point where she no longer concerned herself with the fake profiles posing as her. She is a well-known activist/ model vegan who also works for a school district. I suppose since one sees her life as glamorous and carefree for such a gorgeous woman, they want to be her. Same goes for many others who pretend to be someone else to delve into the popularity world. Yet, how long can one go on being a doppelgänger?
  3. Addictive- I, myself have a problem with this and slowly working on it. I don’t have years of experience with Facebook nor Twitter like I know most who had for nearly a decade. MySpace has became me once until I was introduced to Facebook. I didn’t get it first but once I did, I was bitten by the addiction bug. I wrapped my life around Facebook, always wanting to stay in the know what someone has going on in their life. I had and still do, a rather boring life outside of the social networks. I was trying to filled a void;  being  addicted to posting status updates that I could have kept to myself. Now, Facebook no longer fazed me and I will get on mostly to keep friends and followers informed on what’s going on with my blog, that sort of thing.
  4. Too Much Sex- What mostly do you see when viewing any social media? -too much sex, and poorly tasted. Like twerking for instance. There’s a special place for all that and I believe social media shouldn’t be use to promote sex, unless  it’s an article about saving your marriage, tips, etc. It shouldn’t expose too much body parts with sexual acts. Most people show off way too much skin and like in my previous post on showing your self-respect, they will promote themselves for sexual favors while they called themselves a “model” or work for a gentleman’s club. Come now. I know I write romance/erotica, what have you, but you have to have better taste; and leave that overzealous sexual acts on the sites that are just for that.
  5. Stalkers/Predators- Ahh… They spooked me something terrible. What’s terrifying of a real life stalker is one who does it in cyberspace. It’s downright scary. It can be someone from the past like an ex or that man/woman you turned down ages ago, they will use social media to lurk in the “shadows”.  How you ever wondered about the weird profiles from the ones that send you friend requests and follows you on other sites? Social media has made it too easy for people to be and do anything they want. Yet, there’s absolutely nothing you can do. For one, these social media networks doesn’t do a better job of protecting your privacy, and secondly, for a person who can use a fake profile and follows you, they have the inside scoop of your life.

So there you have it. I wanted to go further in-depth and list a lot more problems, but that would have been a lot of reading on your part. Be careful on these networks. There may not be much else you can do, but keep in mind when posting provocative pictures(please don’t if you can’t help it), you just never know what a person can do with them. If you can, be mindful of what you share, whether it’s updating your status or telling everything you are doing and where you’re going. Please, be careful out there.

*** If you like to partake in this challenge, below is a copy of the challenge.

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5 thoughts on “30-day Writing Challenge(Day 1)- Problems With Social Media 

  1. Awesome, KPhoenix! I’m so glad you joined the challenge! Reading your post just now reminded me of some filth I saw earlier this morning that showcased children of African descent dancing in a derogatory manner. Absolutely disgusting! Yet people fail to realize just how much better they can make things if the chose to stop sharing filth and get involved outside of social media.

    Anyway, great points and do well on the challenge!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Candace! It would be nice if everyone can take this serious on what goes on social media. It’s appalling. Thanks for reading and commenting and do well on the challenge! 🙏🏽


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