Taking That Jump On a New Lease On Life

As I think back on my past, I had realized how much I was afraid to take chances, to take risks, to just go for it. I would say to myself, “What would others think?” “Is this too much?” “Do I come across as know-it-all?” Now I’m to the point where I’m not afraid to just go for it. My dreams. My passion. My hopes and goals.

When you seek what matters to you, go for it. I’ve wasted years on my craft because I wouldn’t get support from others on how this may sound or what they thought. And, listening to others critizing my hopes and dreams. Never again once more. I’m soaring. I’m reaching for the stars and I like to see others do the same. It’s never fun to be at the top alone. Who do you wake up to? Who do you say good night to?

I want and am taking that jump on what I strive to achieve. I’ve been down too much for too long, and fighting my out of a dark, suffocating tunnel of despair. Happiness and success are our friend. Determination and perseverance are up there too.

I feel the wind in my face. I feel like I’m getting closer. I see that glowing light at the end of the tunnel. I know I see it, it’s something I longed for, but never seen before.

So who’s with me to make that jump? Take that leap on a new lease at life that you always wanted. A life that brings you the qualities that you have searched for. Even when you have that not so good days, it’s okay because you are a fighter and you can get through anything.



10 thoughts on “Taking That Jump On a New Lease On Life”

  1. A leap of faith of a jump that would end it all…wifey thought it was the latter, I trust it was a leap into the unknown – and the unknown often has unexplored possibilities in its womb.

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      1. Previous failures make you worry…each new leap reminds you of your previous crashes…and it becomes more difficult as time goes on. And yet, if you don’t take the leap, you’ll never know.

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      2. I agree. Times where I don’t even believe I took a jump, more like fell down head first. Can’t let previous experiences handicap you from moving on to big and better things. You can look back on all that had went wrong and trust that leap won’t fail you yet again.

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      3. Just finished the writing-desk post – sitting at the desk that’s the subject of my post. My thoughts are a bit wobbly right now – can’t leap at all right now.

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