Soul Ties


What does “soul ties” means to you? It’s the spiritual connection between two people intimately.
Intimacy is a beautiful thing between two people who love each other. It’s also more than just a physical act. Laying down with someone who had also had many lovers in the past, and perhaps you had too, is a scary thought. I’d always tell people I know to open up about your sexual history to your lover. And, of course get tested.

Soul ties

I know of this person who is a good-looking guy, but his sexual prowess is through the roof. I had never experienced that with him, but from watching how he interacted with women, he was more interested in quantity than quality. Until one day he met this beautiful, no-nonsense type of woman who changed the game on him. After months of being together, he had fallen in love. Being  monogamous, the woman he loved left him high and dry for someone else. He had also wanted to married her. He was devastated; and I felt sorry for him.

He had laid down with so many women and finally found the one, and got dumped!

Get to know the person’s mind before their body. Life is too important. Love is too precious. Love is forever.

Click this link  for a more in-depth research on soul ties from author Danielle Tate.

What does soul ties means to you?

Until we meet again,



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