Taking the Writer’s Challenge

Just a few days ago, I’ve decided to take on a 90-day writer’s challenge created by one of my favorite authors, Mary B. Morrison You may know her infamous novels, such as, Soul Mates Dissipate, Darius Jones, and Sweeter than Honey, just to name a few. I have followed her work for a little over ten years now. She has been a big inspiration to me and to others.

Writing has been, and still is, my biggest passion. I live, breathe, and sleep writing. There’s nothing more than to create characters, scenes, and put them together with a plot- you get the drift, and watch them come alive on paper. It’s magical!
So starting July 27, 2015 to 90 days afterwards, I will bring my completed novel, Secrets Unveil to the fore front or begin the sequel. I will write and edit, edit, edit until I can not anymore. I have created a countdown below leading up until I’m to begin the challenge, and then, a countdown till I’m to finish (in 90 days) so you all can see how I’m coming along. I will also posts how I’m progressing. I’m so excited!

I encourage all to follow their dream, whether it’s writing, blogging, a model; go for it! Live your dream and turn it into a reality.

Until we meet again,



What are your thoughts?

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