10 Signs The Man Wooing You Has Another Woman/ May Be Married

Truthfully spoken!

living the life

It is known that there are females who deliberately date married men; I am not talking about those. This is specifically for girls who inadvertently fall for the lying tongues of men already in relationships and string along a girl who falls in love only to have her heart shattered that she had been dealing with a man who was just after having her as a side chic. This is not just for people who are mistresses without knowing it but many of the points can be applicable to wives whose husbands have mistresses. The saying goes that a criminal has to be lucky all the time and the police just needs to be lucky one time to apprehend him is so true. There are tell tale signs cheaters and deceivers in relationships drop along the way.
These are a few

His stories don’t add up 
A lie usually cannot…

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