Love Is Blind

Hello all! I would like to first start off to say, thank you to all my followers- new and old. It’s has truly been wonderful posting life experiences on love and relationship, etc. I have been extremely busy and haven’t been  posting. Nevertheless, I’m back!

Lately, I have came across a few people who had some extremely life experiences that I blew my freaking mind. It is terrible what people that’s occasionally around you go through. It’ sad and will break your heart.

There’s a female who have an awful ordeal with her lover whom she thought was the one for her. It was the total opposite. The life he promised her had turned out to be a horrific disaster. She left her husband for him. The only good that came out of their relationship are the two babies they created.

She and her lover will always argue and he makes her feel less of a person; of a woman. Her soul is crying out for relief and peace from the madness, and get her children somewhere to safety. She’s struggling and trying to fight her way out. I’m helping her and she’s helping me all the same.

Love is hard work. Love comes in many forms. Love can make you do things that will have you facing each direction at the crossroads; forcing you to make a choice.

Like that song says in Eve’s “Love Is Blind” song,
“Love is blind and it will take over your mind.”
“What you think is love, it’s truly not, you need to elevate and find
“Love is blind.”

True statement. True story. So true in fact, we sometimes overlook the red flags waving in our faces, or ignoring the little warning we hear when something has gone amiss.

But, what are we to do when we love this person so? One thing I know, from listening to her, she have some real love for him.
But, love is not enough.

There’s more to it than staying together, having children together, just saying you love him/her, etc.
I have always said to never settle and definetly do not get comfortable in a relationship. It will have you go crazy when sh** hit the fan. DO NOT IGNORE THE SIGNS!!!
You can save yourself a lot of heartache and steam. Love is patient. Love is dear. Love yourself first and foremost.


What are your thoughts?

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