Work, Money, Love

I’m not one of those people who frown upon people who go about making money especially extra money of any sort, just as long as it’s not unmoral or illegal.  For some of us who like clean, harmless fun at the comfort of our computer, there are ways for us to make extra money legally. Inbox Dollars is a website where you can sign up(where you can also get a $5 bonus just for doing so), and they pay you to read emails, take surveys, shop online, play games, etc. everyday. It’s fun! I would know, I’m a gold member there for six years now.

From paying bills to making a purchase for that outfit you had your eye on for weeks, it seems like a regular paycheck just won’t do for some of us who find ourselves constantly struggling.  We want to look our best and do our best in life and most likely, tired of the constant bustle and hustle that is getting us nowhere.

money and you

Women, we want to look our best in and out the workplace,  on an outing with the girlfriends or just a dinner with our significant other. We want that new pair of shoes, pay that bill, that outfit we saw in Macy’s, or upgrade ourselves to something that makes us feel good inside and out. When you feel gratifying within ourselves, the world can’t do anything but move out of our way and watch us strut. Men, I know you feel the same way also. We want to feel like what going on in our daily lives won’t interfere in the worst way, knocking us back to square one.

Life is too hard just to work, pay taxes, stress and not love and enjoy the means of the world and the ones who are dear to us. So, what do we do? For one, go into business for ourselves, for those of us that have that passion. Go back to school and get that degree, and move on to something better that will benefit you and as well for your family. Do whatever it is that you always wanted to do,  don’t procrastinate too long or life will passed you by. Life should be something worthwhile, not something just to struggle through and sacrifice for.

Do whatever it is that you always wanted to do,  don’t procrastinate too long or life will passed you by. Take matters into your hands and make life work for you.

work money love

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