Why People Cheat Too?

We asked ourselves that question many times. Why do we cheat? Is it because we are unhappy in the current relationship/marriage we’re in? Or, is it because we can’t seem to help it. I have heard people say that they cheat because their man/woman doesn’t do the things they used to do. Why is that? What changed?

For one, I know people cheat because it’s in their blood. No matter what’s going on, good or bad, they WILL cheat. The person in their life will make it their duty to satisfy them, do all the things they suppose to do, but it’s never enough.  And it will continue if that person doesn’t seek help before they’re on a path of destruction.

Know what you want and won’t tolerate before getting into a relationship. Most definitely before you get marry. Don’t bring any negatives to the door when pursuing a person you want. Turn those negatives into positives first then everything else should fall in place.


What are your thoughts?

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