Being Single

Is it best being single, in a relationship, or married? A toughie,  I know. I’ve never been married before but I have been single and in a relationship before.  It varies between people. People play with other people’s feelings, and turn around and say that they shouldn’t have caught feelings in the first place. WTF? Are they for real.  Please tell me because I’m in the loop.


3 thoughts on “Being Single”

  1. It is always a struggle between which is best, being single or in a relationship. Sometimes I think the single life is better because no drama, no disappointment, no expectations, more freedoms, no trying to impress someone and no heartbreak. Then I think well damn, a relationship could be better because you find love, a support system, a best friend, a bond and sometimes you find yourself escaping the loneliness you had when you were single.


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