Millions Of Love Locks Away

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Millions of lovers and friends come from near and far to seal their love in a lock to a fence or gate.

A simple lock that holds such strong meaning.

They will throw away the key to symbolize their love to be unbreakable.

Do you believe in this symbolization? Have you ever done this?

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What Are You Waiting On? #amwriting #fiction

Excerpt from Secrets Unveil

The wind was picking up, and it was feeling very cozy outside. The group around the table began to talk on another random subject until Rachelle started to speak up about what she was supposed to keep quiet about, again. She wanted to get back at her mom for keeping her from being with her boyfriend whom she hasn’t seen in months and when he finally came back to their island, her mother forbade her to bring him like she was some silly child.

“Yeah, Trenton is a good person. He has a lot of decent traits. It’s sad that he doesn’t know that daddy isn’t his real dad,” Rachelle calmly confirmed, folding her napkin in slow motion waiting for the drama apocalypse to unfold.

“What???” Everyone except Clifton, Shauna, and Garcelle exclaimed. Even Carmen and Trent had to open their eyes for this one.

“Chelly, what did you say?” Trent asks her, gently pushing Carmen aside. He moved back to his seat at the table and so did Carmen.

“I said-” Rachelle began to say, mouth agape.

“Rachelle Davina Devereux, say one… more… word!” Garcelle warned her. She had a stern look upon her face. She held her left index finger to her daughter’s face.

“Momma, what’s so secretive? Chelle, what’s up? You said that daddy wasn’t my real dad, then who is?” Trent leans forward; his head cocked to the side.

Everyone saw that Sean’s parents and Garcelle were shaking their heads sadly as if Rachelle was about to disclose a dirty little secret. Sean was wondering why his parents were acting so strange. They couldn’t even look at him.

“Mom, he has to know.” Rachelle whispers to her mother, giving her a long look.

“Not yet.” Garcelle whispers back to her daughter. ” Please, don’t say-”

“You’re not our brother! I wish you were, but you’re not. We don’t have the same father.” Rachelle said in a rush. Her eyes darted furiously around at the shocked spectators.  Her heart started beating faster than it ever did. She sweated, waiting on her mother’s infamous slaps coming.


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