26 Days Of Alliteration: X Is For XO- Day 24 #26daysofalliteration #Love


Xoxo, Xoxo.

(Sending you guys lots love and light.)

©Pamela E. Hester


26 Days Of Alliteration- W Is For Working- Day 23 #26daysofalliteration


Women who are working on wealth in womanhood.

( “Wealth” not only in reference to money, but wealth in self-love, love to and from others, in a good life, health, people, ideas,etc.)

Pamela E Hester ©2018


When Life Is Trying To Get Your Attention 

At times when life had taken you through a lot, it pushes you to stop and observe the bigger picture. You can’t see what something is when you are viewing it too close up to it. Perhaps there’s something life is trying to tell you.

Life for instance, that job, spouse/significant other or friend(s), or what have you that doesn’t have your best interest at heart. Perhaps life is trying to tell you that you need to get away from that person(s) or thing, because what life has in store for you, which is your life purpose, is something you need to pursue. And, you have to let go of what or who is anchoring you from achieving that. Let go of what (or who) no longer serves your highest and greatest good.

You are meant to soar and reach higher heights. So, live your life and be the best you, you can possibly be. 

Love and light. 🌹